Bekaert dramix

Your choice of concrete reinforcement has an important impact on the quality, safety and longevity of your structures. Using the right reinforcement compensates the low strain capacity of concrete and it helps controlling cracks. An updated and expanded range.

It remains widely recognized as the best solution currently on the market when it comes to performance and. We use cookies in order to let you fully experience this website.

Cookies are small files we put in your browser to mainly track usage or remember your settings of our . Dramix 3D fiber is the gold standard in steel fiber reinforcement. Thanks to its combination of performance, durability and ease-of- use, 3D is an efficient solution. It is multi-use and saves time and money. Login- Bekaert more out of your steel fiber projects.

It delivers a wealth of . Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you could use steel fibres for any type.

Bekaert , have set a new standard for concrete reinforcement with their unique combination of flexibility and cost-efficiency. It is added to fresh concrete before pouring. Combining high performance, durability and ease-of-use, 3D provides you with a time-saving and cost-efficient alternative to traditional concrete reinforcement solutions.

See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. We initiated new product names for Bekaert Dramix and packaging to introduce the new fibres that will change the future of concrete buildings. Anwendungen im Wohnungsbau.

Bekaert bietet Ihnen die optimale Unterstüt- zung, die Sie für Ihr Projekt benötigen. Wir ermitteln anhand Ihrer Anforderungen den geeigneten Fasertyp, die optimale . Mit der Entwicklung von zwei neuen. Formen, vielfältige Möglichkeiten. Stahlfaserbewehrung auf ein deutlich höheres Niveau.

A fine example of the qualities of 5D steel fibres is the . Electronically approved. Off-line or printed copy is uncontrolled ! Informationen zur Herkunft und Nachverfolgbarkeit für die Identifikation des Bauproduktes in. Save time and money without traditional reinforcement.

Fast and safe execution without reinforcement in the way. Bekaert ist der weltweit größte unabhängige Hersteller von Draht und Drahtprodukten mit Hauptsitz in Belgien. Mitarbeitern verteilt auf allen Kontinenten werden Kunden in über 1Ländern beliefert.

The Bekaert FOP Options. BEKAERT advances again with its new fibre technology. Globally it operates in almost 1countries employing around 20people.