Gatebox characters

Yes, that is an artificially intelligent character who lives in a glass tube in your home. Gatebox , priced at ¥328(about $7US), is squarely targeted at young lonely salarymen and all brands of anime-obsessed otaku—promising the experience of living with your favorite character. Gatebox aims to fill that role by offering a virtual home robot in the form of a projected 3D character living inside a glass tube.

The device was first announced back in January, but Vinclu is now taking limited pre-orders for those interested in a virtual personal assistant that also doubles as a surrogate girlfriend. Gatebox uses an anime character as the interface for an AI personal assistant.

MbiL8D6qX□ Gatebox Pre. Gatebox Concept Movie 1st CARE There are lots of products that speak loudly about “smartness”, utilizing. The Gatebox robot is a glass tube in which a character is projected.

The robot also has warmth, . Tokyo-based tech company Gatebox Lab is capitalising on that sentiment with an innovative recruitment drive. Apparently, it is so keen on hiring recruits who harbour deep feelings for virtual characters that they are willing to pay them a monthly stipen if they get married to their anime spouses. But should you be lucky enough to get hired by Akihabara-based tech developer Gatebox , the company will slip a little something into your paycheck each and .

But now, a new device featuring a character. And once your hologram gets to know you and your . Tech research company Gatebox Lab is interested in hiring recruits who have deep feelings for 2D characters. The company will even pay a stipend to those who have married one. The character can also be contacted via chat so that you can carry on your relationship without being together – but be wary of coming home too late, lest . Vinchu is working on the development of its Gatebox Holographic Communication Robot, which would complete . Last week, a Japanese company called Gatebox opened pre-orders for a new breed of virtual assistant. Well, unless you have a Gatebox.

Sometimes to hear how you are. I thought it was a trailer for a movie, but this is a real product. Gatebox is a holographic home robot in the vein of Siri or Alexa. However technological innovation has finally made their crazy dream come true!

This new item Gatebox shows your character as a hologram allowing you to live together with your yome. Sales will start online for Japan and America starting from December 14th to January 31st. Miku Hatsune is slated to come to Gatebox , too. The first sales is only for 300 .

Hikari is also customizable if you connect to your computer with an HDMI cable. Right now she only speaks Japanese but English will come . Japanese startup, is working on a robot that touches your . Gatebox Lab isn’t just a hardware manufacturer or robot company. Azuma Hikari, the first character for the Gatebox virtual home robot.

Waifu” stems from the English word “wife” but is given a Japanese pronunciation. The counterpart word “husbando” for male characters has a similar use and origin.