Kee klamp fittings

A range of fittings to suit eight sizes of pipe is available. Kurze, gerade Abschnitte oder komplizierte, verwinkelte Langstrecken, mit den KEE KLAMP Rohrverbindern sind alle Geländerkonstruktionen möglich. Nicht nur Sicherheitsgeländer zur Abgrenzung von gefährlichen Bereichen sondern auch Treppengeländer oder Geländer an Rampen stellen kein Hindernis dar.

These diverse connections allow you to create structural connections without the need for welding. Pipe Fittings Help Create Strong Rigid Structures Such As Railings, Racks , Framing, Fencing And More! No threading or welding required!

Build strong rigid structures: railings, racks, awning frames, fencing and 0other applications. The tube is clamped in place by a simple grub screw, which is tightened by an allen key. This eliminates the need for welding, . Fabricated installations comprise the fittings and separate tubing components, which can be sized on site. The fittings are mostly supplied to third . Manufacturer ‎: ‎Gascoignes (Reading) Ltd Inventor ‎: ‎George H. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

Type 1- Sheeting Clip, Type 1- Swivel Tee, Type 1- Wall Flange, Type S1- Spacer Plate, Type 1- Cover Flange, Type 1- Corner Crossover, Type 1- Crossover Coupling.

Type 2- Offset Railing Base, Type 3- Eaves Fitting , Type 3- Ridge Fitting , Industrial Color Coated Pipe, Key Safety Product . Find quality structural pipe fittings online or in store. Kee KLamp Fittings Online. Extensive stocks of all things key clamp – used for industrial purposes such as barriers or safety handrailing, or for other unique uses and structures, such as play areas, furniture and storage. Get the best prices and the best advice – direct.

Visit Our Shop For Tube! Sign In to view Inventory Location(s). Drive-In Fit Plastic Plug. Buy tube clamps from stock with Nationwide Delivery.

Cost effective Handrails includes slope range fittings , for use on disabled handrails. No welding, no threading, no drilling or bolting. Additional styles and sizes available – contact us for details.

Also available in aluminum. Strong pipe fittings make it easy and economical to assemble . A simple, effective solution for added safety. Improve flexibility of installation process by eliminating the need to cut precise lengths and weld together.

Galvanized steel components for steel pipe railings and structures.