M10 diameter in mm

The number after that is the length. The ISO metric screw threads are the world-wide most commonly used type of general-purpose screw thread. ENGLISH – ASTM GRADE SPECIFIED. Thread Size, Tap Drill ( mm ), Thread Size, Tap Drill ( mm ), Thread Size, Tap Drill ( mm ), Thread Size, Tap Drill ( mm ). Few parts are as crical in the assembly of modern machinery as the nuts and bolts which hold it all together an at first sight, it seems that all metric bolts are basically the same.

In fact, of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are no fewer than different threads for different applicaons and different . PITCH mm , DIAMETER mm , DIAMETER inch, NUT Size. But neither the external threads of the bolt nor the internal threads of the nut are exactly. Outside Diameter of Screws mm inch mm. All dimensions are recommendations only and are shown in mm. Drill size and clearance hole recommendations.

Size, Pitch ( mm ), Tapping Diameter ( mm ), Clearance Holes ( mm ). If I get a measurement of 9. Mis not a common size.

As someone else has already suggeste measure the diameter of the thread not the shank. Terminal Stud Size Chart. Anyone got a chart to show what diameter length etc each one represents? Something to remeber if you quote a bolt size as M, you will get a standard 10x 1. For example, a bolt specified as M6-1. Keep in mind that metric bolts are usually slightly smaller than their specified diameter.

Thread Height Female Thd. Minor Diameter Female Thd. D Thread Height Male Thd. Pitch, Basic threa Tol. Metric Thread Diameter , Diameter Conversion. Allow -ance, Max, Min, Max. Also called Major diameter.