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Metal gibt es mittlerweile schon seit mehr als Jahren und in seiner glorreichen Zeit hat dieses Genre soviel Musik, Bands und kreativen Output hervorgebracht, wie vermutlich kein Zweites. Egal ob moderne Metal – oder Deathcore- Bands oder auch eher klassischere Death Metal -Combos, ohne den . Heavy Metal Online- Shop. Metal und Punk Hardcore-Shop mit offiziellen Artikeln von Musikbands. T- Shirts , Sweatshirts, Schuhe, Hosen und vieles mehr.

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Metal Blade Records 35th Anniversary Box Set (Boxsets). Swedish heavy metal band from Gothenburg. You are purchasing at your own risk. Who is your favourite band ?

As music lovers we must be asked this many times in our life! From blues and jazz through to rock music, indie and heavy metal the choices are . Steel Alive – Vinyl 18€ Sold Out ! Insomnium is a Finnish melodic death metal band from Joensuu, Finland. Europas største forhandler innen rock og metal , film, TV og gaming og alternativ mote. The band is currently working on selected release shows in Germany as well as summer festivals which will be followed up by extensive touring in the fall. Jason Bittner joins the Wrecking Crew.

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THE ONLY OF VENOM – THE ORIGINAL INVENTORS AND FOUNDERS OF BLACK METAL. Big Dan and Little Dan look at some odd merch that these seemingly ordinary bands have been selling Links. Being around for nearly years, Germanys biggest export in thrash metal , KREATOR, have proven to be persistent, innovative and an unstoppable force. Metal Pin – hand rubbed with black stain.

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THE NO GRAVE BUT THE SEA GRAND TOUR OF PLANET EARTH (part 2). Click here for the tour dates. Abomination, Deathstrike and other rareties are also available, interested parties can go directly to the new site.